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The Thrills Quotes

The Thrills Quotes

I don't know, really. I think we find it kind of funny that every interview we do, we get asked about Irish guys with an American-sounding record.
Conor Deasy

Well basically I grew up beside Connor, I have lived next door to him ever since I was born and when we were 15 we wanted to put a band together we got Pad in through his sister and Kevin was in school with Connor then Connor met Ben outside a school one day and as the conversation went on discovered he was a drummer then he joined the band, so by the time we were 17 we had the whole line up complete and for the next year or two while we were in school we just messed around and played a few gigs.
Daniel Ryan

When people call it a happy record, to me it's kind of bittersweet. There's hardly a positive lyric on the whole album.
Conor Deasy

It's American influenced 70's classic sound but with a modern edge to it, we love bands like Air, Beck and the super Furry Animals so we are not a retro kind of band we try to bring everything forward when we record, I think we are quite a different sound, unlike most other things that are out at the moment. The Coral and Electric Soft Parade are both great bands and they are quite different and cool there is a lot of the garage thing going on at the moment.
Conor Deasy (about their sound)

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