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"We're just two guys in a studio, we don't have aspirations to be like Led Zeppelin."

Yes, we were surprised by it's success in the sense that when you have never released a record before you have no idea what is in store. Although we did feel confident that our work was good, I guess because we liked it ourselves; but it is quite an overwhelming feeling when people actually go out and buy it and like it!
(In regards to Simple Thing)
Henry Binns

Yes we have been labelled that a bit, but labels are easy to stick on. I can see some comparisons with Air in our genre, and I do admire their work, but I think our work stands up on its own, and I hope people can listen to it and judge it for what it is in itself, rather than having to compare it or label it as something else.
Henry Binns

Yeah, we did tour a lot after we released simple things, especially as it was released later in America. The touring was a completely new experience for us, and that in itself had a lot of influence on our 2nd album. Also I am always thinking about music, I always have some tune or other going round my head, so the process never really stops in a way. But, saying that, after touring we did get a good solid eight or nine months in the studio!
Henry Binns

I suppose writing and recording in a studio is what we are most accustomed to, and feels most like real normal life to me. However playing live and going on tour was a massive challenge for us, and is very exciting and rewarding when people enjoy your shows, also everyone in the band really gets on and we do have a lot of laughs on the way. Mainly though, because Sam and I have young families whom we miss when we are away, we like to be near to home and getting on with work there.
Henry Binns

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