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Youth Ahead Quotes
"I had a guitar from way back when� , says Shawn, “and Jay had some drums he got for Christmas. We had no musical experience, we just wanted to have fun!"

"There was a time, I remember, when we'd play Thursday through Sunday every week and then I'd go to work on Monday morning only to do it all over again."

" ’Keeps Ya Movin’ gained a lot of attention, which opened the door for us to play more shows�,

"If we could make it this far on what was supposed to be a joke, who knows what the future holds. I just know we’re ready for it.�

"If someone told me five years ago we'd be here right now, I'd would have asked what they were smokin’. "

Hmmm....the stereotypes, the classifications,.....stuff like my mind, good music is good music who cares what label they're on, how much they can bleach their hair in a year, or what bands they were in before....give it a chance...if you don't like it.....just ignore it, and let bands do what makes them happy....after all, isn't it supposed to be fun?..... that's probably pretty confusing...its clearer in my mind…I swear.

We just try to let people know that we've been there, and everyone basically thinks the same way, one way or another.....we've all sexual thoughts, we've all gotten hurt by the opposite sex, we've all felt like dying, and we've all said "I hate my parents".... . sometimes I feel that music tries to focus on things a lot of people know nothing about, and tends to be confusing. You find people really don't even pay attention to what's being said in the lyrics because they have no @#$%& clue what the Artist is trying to say.....we try to make our songs fun and listenable for everyone...even though most of the songs deal with teenage years, I've found everyone, one sense or another, can relate to our music....

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