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Young Rome Quotes

Naw, there's one song when I was like play singing-- like in the shower singing. I was just joking around and playing around on the track. It's not like I'm behind the mic trying to get my singing on for real. I was just fooling around, but most of the artists on the album are T.U.G. artists. Like O'Ryan, which is Omarion [from B2K] younger brother... um Smooth, she's on the album, Marques is on like two cuts, Rufus Black, yall probably remember him from back in the day, he's on the album. He helped me produced the whole album. I
got lots of ill producers on the album. It's hot.

I worked with Pit Boss, the big homey Surge, he did like 3 or 4 joints, Bird, who produced "P.I.M.P." for 50 [Cent]... um, just a lot of folks that came together to, you know, make the album hot.

We didn't disband. Everybody [is] just doing their own thing. I mean, we live right around the corner from each other, literally like the next house over, so we still family, we still see each other pretty much like everyday.
(Talking About Immature)

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