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It wasn't originally. It was pure coincidence, probably a sub-conscious kind of thing. You have a certain caterpillar track of words that kind of trundle around in your head, and I think that some of them may have trundled around the front, gone around the back, and you've forgotten about them but they're still connected to the track, if you see what I mean. And with 'Oranges And Lemons', I wanted to call it after a nursery rhythm. I was actually thinking of 'Song Of Sixpence', which is part of 'Sing A Song Of Sixpence', and then when we got to L.A. (to record) and I was just assaulted by the kind of citrus brightness of L.A., everything seemed to be citrus and I thought, well, 'Oranges And Lemons' is perfect really because that's the colors you see everywhere. That still has a nursery-rhyme connotation. Then somebody pointed out that that's NEARLY like the first line of 'Ballet For A Rainy Day' (sings: 'Orange and lemon raincoats roll and tumble"). And then Nonsuch, yeah, that was from 'Chalkhills & Children'. Um, that was just pure coincidence.
Andy Partridge

Realistically? If we finish equipping the studio and getting it all working in April or end of April -- actually I think the promotion of this record now seems to be going on longer then I considered -- so maybe May we'll start it fresh, give it a few months, I would like to have it out by the end of the year but what I think is going to happen is there's going to be so much millennium cack, a sort of tsunamai of millennial muck, out there. I've got a feeling that it probably won't see the light of day until early 2000.
Andy Partridge

We kind of got near it in the early days, but there's a funny wall that came down between the pair of us where I think we felt we were impinging on each other's art. And rather than art by committee, I would rather -- and he would rather -- would rather make it a pure, personal thing. We can kick a song around together, but the actual forming of a song, the actually forming of the clay before you start molding it into the shape, the clay, has to come from one person for it to be stronger.
Andy Partridge

I would probably say "Frivolous Tonight" (off "Apple Venus Vol.1") is the best one I've written so far, although I'm very keen on "In Another Life" off the new album. "Bungalow" (off "Nonesuch") I suppose is kinda alright.
Colin Moulding

That's my favorite of yours, "Bungalow"! I'd wish I'd written "Bungalow"! You will, Oscar! You will! I guess my favorite would be "Easter Theatre" (off "Vol. 1"). I'm very proud of that. "Rook" (off "Nonesuch") I still like. "Stupidly Happy" (off "Wasp Star") I'm very keen on. It's very light and innocent, whereas the other two I mentioned are much more weighty. "Books are Burning" (off "Nonesuch"), I'm still very fond of that.
Andy Partridge

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