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Wipers Quotes

Wipers Quotes

There isnít any pioneering any more. Itís almost not even accepted to be pioneering; for some reason that seems to be the attitude now. Iíd say í93 to í95 was kind of the curvature towards things slowly reversing. Itís to the point where music is just definitely a rehash of the past, and I guess, maybe people donít sense that thereís a future ahead of them, so subconsciously they look backward.
Greg Sage

No, I was already doing the Wipers for about a year. There was no avenue for it; one day I heard about this show on the car stereo, Iíd never heard of Ramones, never heard of Elvis Costello, but when I heard, "Ramones," it just sounded like such a, just the name itself, it just sounded cool. But yeah, that was kind of a pinnacle, because then I thought, "Wow! Weíre doing stuff like that," I didnít think anybody was. I never listened to music, I mean, I never listened to other peoplesí music, I just never did, because Iíd be too busy writing, and I didnít want to be influenced by anyone. I was never in the loop or in any scene at all. I just remember, hearing the name, "Ramones," and that just sounded so unique to me. 
Greg Sage

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