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Westlife Quotes

Garfeld - big Garfield fan when i was a kid. I used to think he was amazing. I had a Garfield teddy too.

The secret to a good liar is to never reveal what the actual information is. We could tell you but then we'd have to kill you.

Worst is getting up early at like, half four for a 6 o'clock flight from Heathrow or something. That's not enjoyable at all. Actually I'd follow Mark for the day... because the question in Westlife is always, "Where's Mark?", so I'd like to know where he goes.

“Even as much as Westlife has been successful we never tend to give advice even on music because everybody does things in their own different way; Take That did it different to us; Boyzone did it different to us. In terms of a relationship I think it is the same principal – it is what works for us. Obviously we fell in love and wanted to last and we have made it last. Obviously there are ups and downs in very relationship and you just make sure that you work at it.”

“My parents are a big influence and they have given me the best upbringing. I really love them and if you were going to ask who my hero is then it would be them.”

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