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Watershed Tour Dates

Watershed Tour Dates

Thursday 09/06 Grandview Library 10:30 PM - Colin solo Columbus OH 
Friday 10/12 Upper Arlington Library 8:00 PM - Colin solo Columbus OH 

01/20/2006 Slim's Raleigh NC 
01/21/2006 The Underground Hickory NC 
01/22/2006 Exit/In Nashville TN 
01/26/2006 The Empty Glass Charleston WV 
02/10/2006 Visulite Theater Charlotte NC 
02/11/2006 Hummingbird Macon GA 
02/17/2006 Windjammer Charleston SC 
03/02/2003 House of Blues Cleveland OH 
03/03/2006 The Cellar Struthers OH 
03/04/2006 Newport Music Hall Columbus OH 
03/05/2006 The Ace's Johnstown PA 
03/21/2006 10 High Atlanta GA 
03/22/2006 The End Nashville TN 
04/06/2006 The Blind Pig Ann Arbor MI 
04/08/2006 Upfront & Company Marquette MI 
04/22/2006 The Pit Kill Devil Hills NC 
04/26/2006 Beachland Ballroom Cleveland OH 
04/26/2006 The Abbey Pub Chicago IL 
05/05/2006 Flannagan's Columbus OH 
05/06/2006 Value City Arena Columbus OH 
05/19/2006 The LC Pavilion Columbus OH 
06/06/2006 Skully's Columbus OH 
06/08/2006 The Continent Columbus OH 
06/17/2006 Slim's Raleigh NC 
06/24/2006 Comfest Columbus OH 
08/08/2006 Continental Club New York NY 
08/09/2006 Wolrd Cafe Live Philadelphia PA 
08/10/2006 Rams Head Tavern Annapolis MD 
08/11/2006 930 Club Washington DC 
08/12/2006 Paradise Lounge Boston MA 
08/18/2006 Generations Pub Wheeling WV 
09/08/2006 Skully's Columbus OH 
10/06/2006 Little Brother's Columbus OH 
11/11/2006 Small's Detroit MI 
11/17/2006 Newport Music Hall Columbus OH 

01/07/2005 Andyman's Treehouse Columbus OH 
01/21/2005 Hawk's Tavern Lancaster OH 
02/19/2005 Radio Down Covington KY 
02/25/2005 Little Brother's Fifth of July CD Release Party Columbus OH 
04/27/2005 Martyrs Chicago IL 
04/28/2005 AMP Akron OH 
05/05/2005 Flannigan's Columbus OH 
05/07/2005 Jacoby's Detroit MI 
05/14/2005 Daddio's Bloomington IL 
05/28/2005 McGuffy's Dayton OH 
06/09/2005 The Blue Gator Athens OH 
06/11/2005 Little Brother's Columbus OH 
06/14/2005 Local 506 Chalep Hill NC 
06/16/2005 Windjammer's Charleston SC 
06/17/2005 10 High Atlanta GA 
06/24/2005 Comfest 10pm - Off-Ramp Stage Columbus OH 
07/08/2005 Endo/Exo Jacksonville FL 
07/09/2005 The Back Booth Orlando FL 
07/10/2005 McGuire's Ft. Lauderdale FL 
07/13/2005 Kelly's Nags Head NC 
07/14/2005 Lincoln Theater Raleigh NC 
07/15/2005 Outback Lodge Charlottesville VA 
07/16/2005 The Nick Birmingham AL 
07/29/2005 Wisefools Pub Chicago IL 
07/30/2005 Points East Pub Milwaukee WI 
08/04/2005 10 High Atlanta GA 
08/05/2005 The Jinx Savannah GA 
08/06/2005 Starr Hill Charlottesville VA 
08/09/2005 Kelly's Nags Head NC 
08/10/2005 Local 506 Chapel Hill NC 
08/12/2005 Windjammer's Charleston SC 
08/13/2005 Social Spot Myrtle Beach SC 
08/18/2005 Byrne's Pub Columbus OH 
08/20/2005 Wolf Lane Beaver PA 
08/25/2005 Amo's South End Charlotte NC 
08/26/2005 Ziggy's Winston-Salem NC 
08/27/2005 Pour House Raleigh NC 
08/30/2005 The Warehouse Clarksville TN 
08/31/2005 HMH - Monkey Bar Huntington WV 
09/02/2005 The Lime Spider Akron OH 
09/03/2005 Hayloft Liquor Stand Mt. Clemons MI 
09/16/2005 CMJ Music Festival New York NY 
09/17/2005 Otto's New York NY 
09/23/2005 Jack Rabbits Jacksonville FL 
09/24/2005 10 High Atlanta GA 
09/25/2005 Lincoln Theater Raleigh NC 
09/30/2005 Little Brother's Columbus OH 
10/07/2005 Murphy's Boone NC 
10/08/2005 The Nick Birmingham AL 
10/14/2005 Outer Banks Brewing Nags Head NC 
10/20/2005 Empty Glass Charleston WV 
10/22/2005 Little Brother's Columbus OH 
10/27/2005 Smalls Bar w/Novada Detroit MI 
10/29/2005 Upfront & Company Marquette MI 
11/03/2005 123 Pleasant St. w/The Clarks Morgantown WV 
11/04/2005 Route 30 Nightclub w/The Clarks Chester WV 
11/05/2005 The Lime Spider w/The Clarks Akron OH 
11/11/2005 High Five w/Marah Columbus OH 
11/18/2005 Little Brother's The Hate Michigan Rally w/Dead Schembechlers, Dash Rip Rock Columbus OH 
12/02/2005 The Garage Winstom Salem NC 
12/03/2005 Slim's Downtown Distillery Raleigh NC 
12/06/2005 10 High Atlanta GA 
12/08/2005 Brother's Bar Jacksonville AL 
12/09/2005 The Nick Birmingham AL 
12/31/2005 Oldfield's on High Columbus OH 

04/16/2004 Little Brothers Columbus OH 
04/17/2004 Art For Life Benefit Columbus College of Art & Design Columbus OH 
05/05/2004 Flannagan's Dublin OH 
05/14/2004 Skully's Columbus OH 
05/28/2004 Andyman's Treehouse w/X-Rated Cowboys Columbus OH 
07/09/2004 Little Brothers w/The Sign-Offs Columbus OH 
07/24/2004 Promowest Pavilion CD101 For the Kids Benefit (ALL AGES) Columbus OH 
08/07/2004 Little Brothers Donewaiting.com BBQ (18 and over) Columbus OH 
08/26/2004 Newport Music Hall w/Collective Soul Columbus OH 
08/27/2004 Upfront & Company Marquette MI 
08/28/2004 Upfront & Company Marquette MI 
10/14/2004 Continental Club Idol Records - CMJ Showcase (7:45pm) New York City NY 
11/19/2004 Oldfield's on High The 107th Hate Michigan Rally w/Dead Schembechlers & Twin Cam Columbus OH 
12/03/2004 Andyman's Treehouse The Colin & Joe Solo Show Columbus OH 
12/31/2004 Little Brothers New Year's Show Columbus OH 

01/11/2003 Newport Music Hall Columbus OH 
01/22/2003 Howard's Bowling Green OH 
01/25/2003 Uncle Fester's Bloomington IN 
01/30/2003 PromoWest Pavilion Columbus OH 
02/01/2003 The Pontiac Philadelphia PA 
02/03/2003 Arlene Grocery New York NY 
02/18/2003 Columbia Street West Ft. Wayne IN 
02/19/2003 The Elbow Room Ypsilanti MI 
02/21/2003 Cedar's Youngstown OH 
02/22/2003 Area 51 Springfield OH 
02/28/2003 HiFi Club Cleveland OH 
03/01/2003 Hawk's Tavern Lancaster OH 
03/06/2003 Urban Wildlife Minneapolis MN 
03/07/2003 Upfront & Company Marquette MI 
03/08/2003 Upfront & Company Marquette MI 
03/12/2003 The Venue SXSW Austin TX 
03/15/2003 Club Clearview Houston TX 
04/01/2003 Tuttle Mall Columbus OH 
04/04/2003 Hawk's Tavern Lancaster OH 
04/11/2003 Red Dog Resort Lansing WV 
04/17/2003 The Stadium Oxford OH 
04/18/2003 Headliners Toledo OH 
04/19/2003 Newport Music Hall Columbus OH 
04/22/2003 Columbia Street West Ft. Wayne IN 
04/24/2003 Buskers Pittsburgh PA 
04/25/2003 Rapture Hanover MD 
04/26/2003 Rusty Rudder The Dewey Beach Popfest Dewey Beach DE 
05/03/2003 Don Pablo's Parking Lot Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Columbus OH 
05/10/2003 The Elbow Room Ypsilanti MI 
05/15/2003 Upfront & Company Marquette MI 
05/16/2003 Beat Kitchen Chicago IL 
05/17/2003 PromoWest Pavilion CD101 for the Kids Benefit Columbus OH 
05/22/2003 Mercury Lounge New York NY 
05/30/2003 Split Rock Resort Lake Harmony PA 
06/27/2003 Comfest Bozo Stage - 8:00 Columbus OH 
06/28/2003 Andyman's Treehouse Columbus OH 
07/09/2003 The Keg Evanston IL 
07/10/2003 Beat Kitchen Chicago IL 
07/11/2003 The Elbow Room Ypsilanti MI 
07/12/2003 HiFi Club Cleveland OH 
07/25/2003 Cedar's Youngstown OH 
07/29/2003 10 High Atlanta GA 
07/30/2003 Fat City Charlotte NC 
08/01/2003 Endo Exo Jacksonville FL 
08/02/2003 Endo Exo Jacksonville FL 
08/03/2003 Endo Exo Jacksonville FL 
08/04/2003 Murphy's Boone NC 
08/08/2003 Hawk's Tavern Lancaster OH 
08/09/2003 Little Brother's Columbus OH 

01/11/2002 Oldfield's On High w/ Twin Cam Columbus OH 
01/23/2002 Andyman's Treehouse The Colin Show Columbus OH 
01/25/2005 Churchills w/ The Immortal Winos of Soul Flint MI 
01/26/2005 The Stonehouse w/ The Immortal Winos of Soul Detroit MI 
01/27/2002 Tuckaway Tavern Joilet IL 
01/30/2002 Andyman's Treehouse The Colin Show FINAL PERFORMANCE Columbus OH 
02/08/2002 Oldfield's On High Columbus OH 
03/08/2002 Oldfield's On High Columbus OH 
03/14/2002 The Brickyard Columbus OH 
04/12/2002 Beachland Ballroom w/ Paranoid Lovesick Cleveland OH 
04/20/2002 "Art for Life" Benefit Columbus College of Art & Design Columbus OH 
04/25/2002 The Stadium w/ Fenster Oxford OH 
04/26/2002 Oldfield's On High w/ Outrageously Orange Columbus OH 
05/04/2002 Don Pablo's Quatro de Mayo Fiesta Columbus OH 
05/05/2002 Ace in the Hole in-store Columbus OH 
05/10/2002 OSU Oval Columbus OH 
05/11/2002 Little Brother's CD Release Party Columbus OH 
05/17/2002 House Party Andyman-a-thon auction winner Columbus OH 
06/06/2002 "First Thursdays" Columbus Museum of Art Columbus OH 
06/15/2002 Flannagan's Columbus OH 
06/28/2002 Comfest Bozo Stage 5:00 Andyman's Treehouse "Post-Comfest Singin' Switcheroo" w/X-Rated Cowboys 10:00 Columbus OH 
07/03/2002 Red, White & Boom Nationwide Arena Plaza - 8:30 Columbus OH 
07/12/2002 Oldfield's on High Columbus OH 
07/13/2002 Beat Kitchen w/The Deans Chicago IL 
08/09/2002 WYXZ Show at Shawshank (Earlier) Skully's Colin and Joe's Birthday Show (Later) Mansfield Columbus OH 
08/14/2002 Andyman's Treehouse Columbus OH 
09/07/2002 House Party #2 Andyman-a-thon auction winner Columbus OH 
09/10/2002 Canopy Club Champaign/Urbana IL 
09/13/2002 Virgin Megastore in-store Columbus OH 
09/17/2002 Bluebird Bloomington IN 
09/18/2002 Red Lobster Indianapolis IN 
09/19/2002 Thai Joe's Milwaukee WI 
09/20/2002 Ryan's Ballroom Combined Locks WI 
09/21/2002 Alvin's Detroit MI 
09/27/2002 Little Brother's w/The Fags Columbus OH 
09/28/202 The Dewey Music Festival Dewey Beach DE 
10/04/2002 BBC Milwaukee WI 
10/05/2002 Beat Kitchen Chicago IL 
10/09/2002 The Stadium Oxford OH 
10/11/2002 Hawk's Taven Lancaster OH 
10/12/2002 Mad Frog Cincinnati OH 
10/16/2002 Cell Block Williamsport PA 
10/17/2002 The Pontiac Philadelphia PA 
10/18/2002 Arlene Grocery New York NY 
10/19/2002 Rex's West Chester PA 
10/24/2002 WV Brewing Company Morgantown WV 
10/25/2002 WYXZ Halloween Show Mansfield OH 
11/01/2002 Broadway Joe's Buffalo NY 
11/02/2002 Canal Street Tavern Dayton OH 
11/07/2002 Andyman's Treehouse w/Pat DiNizio Columbus OH 
11/08/2002 Hawk's Tavern Lancaster OH 
11/10/2002 The Lager House w/The Fags Detroit MI 
11/12/2002 Urban Wildlife Minneapolis MN 
11/14/2002 Upfront & Company Marquette MI 
11/15/2002 IQ's Green Bay WI 
11/16/2002 Oasis One Sixty Chicago Heights IL 
11/21/2002 Columbia Street West Ft. Wayne IN 
11/22/2002 Oldfields on High Hate Michigan Rally Columbus OH 
11/29/2002 The Port Wichita KS 
11/30/2002 Off Broadway St. Louis MO 
12/12/2002 Canal Street Tavern Dayton OH 
12/13/2002 Little Brother's Pet Therapy Benefit Columbus OH 
12/14/2002 Sound Factory Charleston WV 

01/06/2001 Oldfield's on High w/The Detroit All-Stars Columbus OH 
01/10/2001 Andyman's Treehouse Colin solo: 7-10PM Columbus OH 
01/13/2001 Ryan's Ballroom Combined Locks WI 
01/17/2001 Andyman's Treehouse Colin solo: 7-10PM Columbus OH 
02/02/2001 Oldfield's on High Columbus OH 
03/02/2001 Andyman's Treehouse Columbus OH 
03/07/2001 Andyman's Treehouse Colin solo: 7-10PM Columbus OH 
03/14/2001 Andyman's Treehouse Colin solo: 7-10PM Columbus OH 
04/06/2001 Little Brother's Columbus OH 
04/28/2001 Oldfield's on High w/The Healers Columbus OH 
05/05/2001 Don Pablo's Parking Lot Cinco de Mayo Festival Columbus OH 
06/08/2001 Oldfield's on High Fan Apprication Cocktail Hour - 7PM Columbus OH 
06/22/2001 The Double Door Mobfest Chicago IL 
06/23/2001 Comfest Bozo Stage - 5:20 Columbus OH 
06/29/2001 Oldfield's on High w/The Wahoos Columbus OH 
07/11/2001 Little Brother's opening for The Clarks Columbus OH 
08/17/2001 Andyman's Treehouse Columbus OH 
09/21/2001 Little Brother's Columbus OH 
10/05/2001 Oldfield's on High Columbus OH 
10/10/2001 The Grog Shop Cleveland OH 
11/23/2001 Oldfield's on High Hate Michigan Rally Columbus OH 
12/14/2001 Little Brother's Pet Therapy Benefit Columbus OH 

01/22/2000 Andyman's Treehouse Columbus OH 
01/28/2000 MadLab Columbus OH 
02/25/2000 Little Brother's w/Adam Columbus OH 
03/11/2000 Andyman's Treehouse Columbus OH 
04/07/2000 Little Brother's Columbus OH 
04/28/2000 High Five w/Paranoid Lovesick Columbus OH 
04/29/2000 Andyman's Treehouse Columbus OH 
05/05/2000 Don Pablo's Parking Lot Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Columbus OH 
06/17/2000 Andyman's Treehouse Columbus OH 
06/30/2000 Comfest Bozo Stage - 10PM Columbus OH 
07/21/2000 Little Brother's w/The Last Arcade Columbus OH 
07/28/2000 Ryan's Ballroom Combined Locks WI 
07/29/2000 O'Cayz Corral w/Hum Machine Madison WI 
08/11/2000 Andyman's Treehouse Colin & Joe's Birthday Show Columbus OH 
09/15/2000 Andyman's Treehouse Joe solo, opening for The Johnson Bros Columbus OH 
09/27/2000 Andyman's Treehouse Colin solo - 7-10PM Columbus OH 
10/06/2000 Oldfield's on High w/The Emperors of Bad Luck Columbus OH 
10/17/2000 Oldfield's on HighHate Michigan Rally Columbus OH 
12/08/2000 Little Brother's Pet Therapy Benefit Columbus OH 
12/23/2000 Andyman's Treehouse Columbus OH 

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