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Vinegar Joe Discography

Vinegar Joe Discography

Six Star General
Release Date: 1973

1. Proud to Be (A Honky Woman)
2. Food for Thought
3. Dream My Own Dreams
4. Lady of the Rain
5. Stay True to Yourself 
6. Black Smoke Rising from the Calumet
7. Giving Yourself Away
8. Talkin' 'Bout My Baby
9. Let Me Down Easy
10. Fine Thing 

Rock 'n' Roll Gypsies
Release Date: 1972

1. So Long
2. Charley's Horse
3. Rock & Roll Gypsies
4. Falling
5. It's Getting to the Point 
6. Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
7. Buddy Can You Spare Me a Line
8. Angel
9. No One Ever Do
10. Forgive Us 

Vinegar Joe
Release Date: 1972

A1 Rusty Red Armour 5:00 
A2 Early Monday Morning 4:43 
A3 Ride Me Easy, Rider 5:42 
A4 Circles 4:05 
A5 Leg Up 4:58 
B1 See the World 6:21 
B2 Never Met a Dog 6:31 
B3 Avinu Malkenu 3:26 
B4 Gettin' Out 5:09 
B5 Live a Little, Get Somewhere 5:23 

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