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Victoria Beckham Profile

Artist name: Victoria Beckham

Birth Name: Victoria Caroline Adams

Nicknames: Posh, Beaujolais

Born: 17th April 1974

Star sign: Aries

Height: 5'6" (170cm) (1.68 m)

Spouse :
David Beckham (4 July 1999 - present) 3 children

Eyes: dark brown

Birth Place: a little village in Hertfordshire, England

Siblings: Louise and Christian (both younger)

Favourite TV programmes: Emu's House, Fame, Grange Hill and Top of the Pops

Favourite Food: Chinese and Indian.

Favourite Drinks: Amaretto and rose wine.

Favourite Colour: Gold

Favourite Magazine: Elle

Favourite City: London

Got Her Start: As a member of the Spice Girls

Favourite Country: anywhere hot and peaceful

Favourite Sport: water and snow skiing

Favourite Music Artists: Maxwell, Toni Braxton, Anita Baker

Favourite Word: Bollocks " It's so expressive."

Her sign: Aries

Profile: Classy, calm and cool and extremely organized.

Ambition: To be happy, successful, and all the Spices to stay true to themselves.

Secret: Claims she looks awful without any makeup and no one would recognize her first thing in the morning.

Schooling: Victoria went to the Laine Arts Theatre in Epsom, Surrey, where she trained in Theatre Management.

Pre Fame Jobs:
Dancer (appeared in London West End Musicals and a show called Bertie in Birmingham during her late teens). She always lied about her height and turned up at auditions in high heels.
She was also in another band who she says were awful, they were a three-woman, two-man band, and they were called "Persuasion".
She was an aspiring actress (auditioned for the film Tank Girl where she met Geri).

Ideal Man: Must be a great dresser. Victoria goes for clothes first, shoes second...SUCH AS...Jack Dee, Ray Liotta (from Goodfellas)

Attributes: She's got a diamond ring on her toe and a little diamond attached to her her fingernail and I have heard she has her belly-button pierced.

School Nicknames: Sticky Vicky and Acne Face

Role Models: Lady Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales

Talent: Supposedly can play the keyboard.

Favourite Pastime: To shop till she drops looking for sophisticated designer labels

Ambition: For all Spice Girls to remain loyal to themselves.

Favourite Football Team: Manchester United FC

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