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The Veronicas Quotes

I've got two favorites. It would have to be Nobody Wins and Math Shop. (Lisa) Our favorites are exactly the same!

Yeah, I mean as far as we can remember, music has always been a part of our lives, it's sort of what we've grown up doing and loving. We started performing at the age of five. Our dad was in a band when he was younger and mom grew up loving music, so it's just always been there for us. It's natural.

We wrote 20 songs under a publishing deal in Brisbane and then a recording deal with an Australian independent company and they took us on a big overseas, songwriting trip that went for almost a year. And we went to London, Sweden, America and Canada and co-wrote with all sorts of people, like A-list songwriters.

Well I guess it's rock pop, but we really like to get in on the songwriting side of things so our songwriting style is us. We get influences from everywhere, but we co-wrote pretty much the whole album with different people.

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