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Velvet Opera Discography

Velvet Opera Discography

Ride a Hustlers Dream
Release Date: 1969 

1. Ride a Hustler's Dream
2. Statesboro Blues
3. Money By
4. Black Jack Davey
5. Raise the Light
6. Raga and Lime 
7. Anna Dance Square
8. Depression
9. Don't You Realize
10. Warm Day in July
11. Eleanor Rigby 

Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera
Release Date: 1968 

1. Intro
2. Mother Writes
3. Mary Jane
4. I Was Cool
5. Walter Sly Meets Bill Bailey
6. Air
7. Lookin' for a Happy Life
8. Flames
9. What's the Point of Leaving
10. Long Nights of Summer 
11. Dream Starts
12. Reactions of a Young Man
13. Now She's Gone
14. Flames (Single Version)
15. Salisbury Plain (Single Version)
16. Mary Jane (Single Version)
17. Dreamy (Single Version)
18. Volcano (Single Version)
19. A Quick "B" (Single Version) 

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