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Velcra Discography

Velcra Discography

Release Date: May 30th, 2007 

1 The Big Sleep 
2 White Knuckle Mountains 
3 New Recruit 
4 Dusk Becomes a Dawn 
5 Dead End Lane 
6 We Must Start Again 
7 Nautifungus 
8 Higher State of Truth 
9 Hadal 
10 Quick and Dirty 

Between Force and Fate 
Release Date: January 26th, 2005 

1 War Is Peace 3:33 
2 Water Is Getting High 3:26 
3 Our Will Against Their Will 4:37 
4 For My Loneliness I Pay 3:29 
5 Memory Loss 3:45 
6 I Can't Tell the Sun From the Moon 4:58 
7 The Bong Song 3:12 
8 Corruption 4:33 
9 Hotel Alcatraz 3:59 
10 Wonderland Sunrise 2:58 

Consequences of Disobedience 
Release Date: 2002

My Law 
Big Brother 
Shine For Me 
Not Against Me 
Solar Red 
Can't Stop Fighting 
Made To Fail 
Test Animals 

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