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U.S. Maple Quotes

U.S. Maple Quotes

I haven't listened to a lot of stuff these days. I mean, I like Slade. I like Stomp Your Hands / Clap Your Feet. It was an especially good album from, I think, 1971 or '72 -- good production with early '70s stuff, you know -- and a lot of David Bowie, especially Low, and I like Heroes. A lot of people say the title track is the only good song on the record, but don't listen to them -- "Blackout", "Kill the Lion", they're all great. 
Mark Shippy

... the way we write is that any one of us will come with an idea, and we just sort of build on the idea. Sometimes they're not even musical notions, you know? We'll just talk about an idea or a situation. It could be something that we'd all seen together, and then we'll try to play that scene. Typically, that's how we build most of the material for our records, but there's no real formula. A lot of times, somebody'll come in with an idea - Tod'll come in with an idea, and we'll just work off of that. 
Al Johnson 

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