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Urban Waste Quotes

Urban Waste Quotes

Me and John [Dancy, Urban Waste drummer] were in the same class and he invited me over to Johnny's house. We started playing songs; John was bangin on just a snare drum and a cymbal and Johnny had a cheap guitar. I screamed out of my old JVC radio with the microphone hooked up to it! Johnny got his first amp from my school teacher. He took me and John over to his house to pick it up.and dropped it off for us. He was cool. We drove the ghetto crazy!! They hated us at first and even smashed the window a few times. Once with a tree trunk! We continued to play and even louder! Eventually the Hated Ones (a Queens Gang) started to hang out with us. Johnnyís home became the meeting ground for everyone who wanted to hang out... Johnny was a good guy and a friend to everyone. John had a gift for drumming and was the best that I ever heard. When he played with his first drum-set, it was like he played them his whole life!! He had a gift and no one could replace him. Ya know, one thing that the kids need to know is that Major Conflict was Urban Waste in my eyes. It was like an allstar band; you combine the two and you have Major Waste!
Billy Phillips

I worked hard back then and devoted a lot of time to hardcore. Iíve always been hardheaded and had a bad attitude. I spent most of my time trying to be different, staying away from most people unless they were into what I was into, or did what I did. When I got to high school, they put me in a special conduct class.
Billy Phillips

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