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Underoath Quotes

We've started writing new songs and have one or two done as for now, we're trying to write while we're at home and any other chance we get so we
aren't quite as rushed to write in all in a few months like the last record.
Grant Brandell

Writing is probably one of our fav. things to do together, it usually just starts with a riff or idea and everyone takes it from there. Usually lyrics are inspired from personal experiences, just stuff that happens to us or other people we know and usually how we deal with it and it affects us spiritually and just as kids growing up.
Grant Brandell

I play more Halo than any human and I will own you in it. We also in enjoy Madden football and Chris likes Buck Hunter because he"s a hick.
Grant Brandell

That def. came way before I was in the band, but it"s pretty much self-explanatory. Just to stay true to our beliefs and why we are a band in the first place.
Grant Brandell (regarding band name)

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