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Under Byen Quotes

Under Byen Quotes

We're an old band that was formed by Henriette and a girl called Catherine 10 years ago. They started out with this romantic idea about string players and stuff like that. At that time there were different members but that's a too long story. Now the stringers are Nils and Morten on violin and cello ; the other Morten plays drums; Stine as well on the percussion; Sara on the bass; of course Henriette on vocals ; and me on the piano. 
We are actually very different, our music backgrounds, the things we're fond of are very different. I think that's the exciting part about the band, it's a mixture of very different approaches to music. 
Thorbjørn Krogshede

We're thinking about how to survive. We don't have any need to get bigger, but it's difficult to survive without getting bigger. We are so many people in the band, so financially, it's a very stupid thing we are doing (ha ha). 
Thorbjørn Krogshede

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