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Uncle Kracker Quotes

I don't know, man. I think there's a lot of talent sittin' around everywhere. It seem like every city has like a rebirth or kinda of an explosion. You know every city gets a couple of days, you know what I'm saying...every city gets a crack at it.
(regarding Detroit)

He was older and I always looked up to him. We were both into the same things. That's why we ended up being such good friends. We learned a lot of things from each other. I learned not so much on the music side, but I think I just learned more from him as a person than anything else.
(regarding Kid Rock)

We had like a good dysfunctional family.We weren't the Bradys, but we were good. I grew up in a gas station, my dad owned a gas station forever and I ran around pullin' weeds, pumpin' gas and fixin' engines which led me into the music thing (laughs). I used to sleep on dad's gas soaked coat at the station and I always reeked of gas. As a kid I associated grease with my dad.

My thing going into this record was I just wanted to go song for song like they used to do in the Motown days, just take it pound for pound and song for song and it was pretty much the only goal I had going in. No game plan, no plan of attack. There was a few things I wanted to say. I wanted to write that letter to my daughters. I wanted that to get done. A couple of other little things and that was it. I've always said I wanted to write a record like a book, you know from front to back...I don't know who the hell has time for that. Maybe one day I will. I'll probably do it when nobody cares. That's when I'll have time.

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