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Uncanny X-men Quotes

Uncanny X-men Quotes

"I figure lifes too short not to live every single bit of it. I'd hate to be 40 and look back at this time and go 'shit - I could have had such a good time then. Why didnt I?' So I figure, enjoy it now, its not gonna last forever and hopefully when its all over I'll have something else to do."
Brian Mannix (Countdown Magazine in August 1985)

"I'm working towards not having to worry about 10 years from now. I realise the lifespan of a performer in this business is relatively short, and if you are lucky, you do ok. For me, well it wont last forever. God, it might be over by Christmas".
Brian Mannix (Juke interview dated 12 October 1985)

"We use to be pop stars, but now we are historical figures". 
Brian Mannix (The Sunday Program. September 2006)

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