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Ugly Casanova Quotes

Ugly Casanova Quotes

Well for me it is easier just cause starting from scratch there is no set way that things have been done in the past or any of that jazz, none of the politics of regular band life. As time went on writing songs (with Modest Mouse), I had to give up more and more control so that everyone gets their fair chance. But collaborating on a side project and what not, when you start you are a lot less likely to get bickery with someone over things?less likely to slip into what was comfortable before. I worked with different people on the Ugly Casanova thing.
Issac Brock

Also, the Ugly Casanova thing wasnít a project where I came there with fully written songs or anything you know. The project got built as we went, so itís a lot easier to be open to ideas if you hadnít written an entire song and know how you want it to go. 
Issac Brock

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