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Ty Herndon Discography

Ty Herndon Discography

Right About Now
Release Date: 2007 

1. Someday Soon
2. In the Arms of the One Who Loves Me
3. You Still Own Me
4. Mighty Mighty Love
5. Right About Now
6. Love Revival 
7. Hide
8. Mercy Line
9. We Are
10. If I Could Only Have Her Love Back
11. There Will Be a Better Day

Not So Silent Night
Release Date: 2003

1. Oh Come All Ye Faithful [Short Version]
2. Silent Night
3. The Little Drummer Boy
4. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
5. Oh Holy Night
6. Little Town of Bethlehem 
7. A Not So Silent Night
8. O Come O Come Emanuel
9. Go Tell It on the Mountain
10. Oh Come All Ye Faithful [Long Version]
11. Holdin' Onto Christmas 

Release Date: 1999

1. Lookin' for the Good Life
2. Steam
3. Putting the Brakes on Time
4. I Can't Do It All
5. No Mercy 
6. In a New York Second
7. That's What I Call Love
8. Pray for Me
9. A Love Like That
10. You Can Leave Your Hat On [By the Fans' Request] 

Big Hopes
Release Date: 1998 

1. Big Hopes
2. It Must Be Love
3. A Man Holdin' On (To a Woman Lettin' Go)
4. Big Time Dreamer
5. Thinkin' with My Heart Again
6. Somewhere a Lover 
7. Hands of a Working Man
8. How Much Can One Man Love You
9. The Only Way I Know
10. No Brakes
11. Tears in God's Eyes 

Living in a Moment
Release Date: 1996 

1. Living in a Moment
2. Returning the Faith
3. She Wants to Be Wanted Again
4. Before There Was You
5. Don't Tell Mama 
6. Loved Too Much
7. Her Heart Is Only Human
8. Love Don't Work That Way
9. I Have to Surrender
10. I Know How the River Feels

What Mattered Most
Release Date: 1995

1. What Mattered Most
2. Pretty Good Thing
3. Summer Was a Bummer
4. You Don't Mess Around With Jim
5. Heart Half Empty 
6. I Want My Goodbye Back
7. You Just Get One
8. In Your Face
9. Love at 90 Miles an Hour
10. Hat Full of Rain 

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