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Twista Quotes

Twista Quotes

I definitely bring a true hungry MC to the table. One that cares about what he's writing, that cares about making a hot song and is very experienced.

It's been 13 years since I signed my first contract, and it finally happened. It was like when George Foreman got that last knockout blow of his career.

We get down on the Madden. I got a big plasma screen TV with surround sound. The average mini theatre hookup.

I mean my thing is that I do all types of work, though, not just being in the studio. I'm constantly tryin' to be in the public's face, constantly doin' shows. It's all mixed in together.

But with me, I was just so into the rap music at the time and me bein' one of the tightest artists from Chicago and tryin' to prove that, it just kept me goin'. Wantin' to be constantly dope and be looked at as a tight MC from the Midwest just drove me and made me want to keep goin' no matter what.

I basically renegotiated my contract and I'm at the ass end of my album now. I'm signed to Atlantic as a solo artist but they can't stop me from starting my own label. But they down with it so I'm allowed to do songs on my independent stuff too.

I got artists from the Southside of the Chi and the Westside. I am going to try to open some doors. I'm going to step up to the podium and let them know what to be on and get their minds on the right track. Because muthafuckas be thinkin' they could just rap on something and that's gonna get them on. I want them to know that an hour of my conversation is worth more than a verse if they want to learn this business. I got a few tricks up my sleeve.

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