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Toto Quotes

Toto Quotes

Steve is busy doing other stuff. Steve has a different agenda for his career; he's doing movies and he's writing songs and doing stuff. Now what JJ's doing, JJ's not playing really keys, what he's doing is certain sound effects and certain horn things that we try and cover for the record, so he sits playing a couple of horn samples here and there, and by singing - he's also singing - and playing some samples. So I'm really handling all the keys myself.
David Paich

You can join Toto but you never get at leave Toto. Everybody's just honorary members. Steve always works on the records, Joseph wrote a song that's on this new album and stuff, so they're always potential guys, they're just busy doing their thing.
David Paich

...when we're recording we have to remind ourselves not to over-do it - not to get almost too tight. That's why most of these songs were cut 2-3 takes. See, we're hearing everything very closely and we're very critical, so we have to really keep on to that natural tightness, which I think a lot of people sometimes misconceive.
Simon Phillips

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