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The Toadies Quotes

Lisa and I worked in a record store in Forth Worth and we started the band in late 1988. Our first guitar player worked there also. We got turned on to Mark through different bands in Dallas when we got rid of a drummer. We new Clark, and we got him in '97 when we let Darrell go. He had played in Funland and some other bands around town, so we knew him also.

We had put the band together and there was a friend of ours who had a club called the Axis down in Fort Worth, and we gave him kinda crappy little jam box recording, and he was like, hey come down and play at my club next weekend. So we had to throw a name together and that's what came out…(laughs)…it was something that obviously wasn't too serious, kinda whimsical.
(about band name)

...on the first record it was almost entirely my song writing and stuff. On this record the band has evolved quite a bit to where we all kick in, so it is really a pleasure writing with these guys now. main beef with Napster is that, well you know there's always the beef that nobody gets paid for anything on there, but that's not really that big a deal for me, because I don't get paid right now anything anyway. My main beef is that there is some shit on there that I didn't want people to hear. You know, if it is not good enough for us to finishing mixing it, then it is not good enough for anybody to hear. That is really personal to me.

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