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Thursday Quotes

Thursday Quotes

Well Jeff writes all the lyrics, but it's definitely a play on stuff like that, I'm sure. It's not an over political tirade or anything. It is more about how you fit into that bigger picture.
Steve Pedulla

I had a friend who tried to sell one of his friends on Ebay. They just took a picture of him and put down all his personality traits and apparently it got up to about $16,000, but people got mad and took it down, but yeah I thought it was pretty funny.
Steve Pedulla

It's cool for a live show because it's like a breather point for the band and the kids seem to really attach to the lyrics in that song, so when that song's over and we kick into a higher energy song it's like a vibe, I hope anyway. When I'm playing it feels very vibe-like to me to go from a very non-stressful part of the set to the stressful part of the set.
Tucker Rule

Yeah we do a few side shows whenever we can. Those are more fun because it's more intimate and it's a smaller place. Outside is fun for a while, but there is definitely something missing. On most of the Big Day Out shows you're outside and one of the days it was raining pretty bad in Sydney, which sucks for the kids.
Steve Pedulla

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