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Initially the songs all start on individual levels. Everybody in the band writes, but nobody ever really writes complete songs. Somebody will hear something that somebody's doing and they'll build it all up. It's kind of a difficult process for us for the fact that we all have strong opinions about how the song should be and the different parts that we want to use.

Most bands you'll hear so and so is writing for the new record and they expect to head into the studio with 30 songs. For us 30 songs would take like 3 or 4 years to write because we take so long writing and a song will be one thing when it starts out and it will be completely different by the time we've finished. Songs get completely destroyed and built back up and destroyed again and built back up. We come in with a hundred ideas and it's get filtered down to about 3 songs.

It's weird as well with Vaux cos I think they're the first band we've been out on the road with that actually understand our sense of humour. Out with them has been the most fun we've ever had touring and were actually gonna do some more dates with them over in the US.

I actually didn't get into the Smiths to later. I think they'd actually influenced a lot of bands that i listen to that. I just didn't really see it was coming from them, just the atmospheric quality of the songs.

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