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Thalia Quotes

Thalia Quotes

My oldest sister is an actress. I had to behave in school the whole week to go see her play in the theater. Every time I saw her onstage it was like, I cant believe shes my sister! Shes the same sister I knew, but onstage shes another person. How does she do that!? Then I started getting into acting and music. She took me to a little group that a friend of hers was developing and I started from there.

There was a stalker once in my life. He lived outside my home for like two months. He wrote love letters to me with his own blood, like, We are meant to be together, Im going to fight until the moment youre mine. I adore you. Cosmically, God is with us. That kind of thing. One time I pulled in my car and he walked inside my home with a crazy look in his face. I called the police immediately!

They love it. They know that Im very unpredictable. Ive sung in different languages like Portuguese, French, Tagalog for the Philippines, and now in English. For them, its like, Wow, we always knew you could do it. Theyre very happy.

I worked with another group of rappers named Kumbia Kings. I wrote a rap two albums ago and it was amazing. My characters in the soaps were very urban. They were like the poor little girl that had no chance of surviving life, but because she pursued her dreams she did it.

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