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Teedra Moses Quotes

Teedra Moses Quotes

“I hate to admit it because it sounds so weird, but I don’t like other energies around me…. I need to be alone, in my own space, with just me and my music so I can be honest with whatever I feel from the music; otherwise I’m just giving something from the surface.”

I’m just at that point in my life where I’m trying to differentiate the complications and the simple things and push it all over to the simple side. But where I was when I wrote the album was truly complex simplicity

I wrote a song called “be you girl” which is one of my singles and Nivea’s A&R heard it from Jive and I ended up writing a song for her called “Still in Love” on her album and it kind of like…..people say that I started writing first, but I kind of started doing this whole thing at the same time.

I give much respect to the people who go to school to study music, but anything that I would ever study…for me would come out technical…umm...I go off of feeling. Like I said the first song I ever wrote and sang…..the first time I sang live was after my album came out…you know what I mean? So, it’s like I’m not much of a technical person, I just go off feeling.

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