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Taste Discography

Taste Discography

Taste First
Release Date: 1972

A1 Wee Wee Baby 2:48
A2 Dual Carriage (Worried Man) 3:26
A3 Norman Invasion 7:08
B1 How Many More Years 3:54
B2 Take It Easy Baby 2:30
B3 Pardon Me Mister 3:01
B4 You've Got to Pay 2:44

On the Boards
Release Date: 1970

A1 What's Going On 2:48
A2 Railway and Gun 3:38
A3 It's Happened Before, It'll Happen Again 6:33
A4 If the Day Was Any Longer 2:10
A5 Morning Sun 2:39
B1 Eat My Words 3:48
B2 On the Boards 6:02
B3 If I Don't Sing I'll Cry 2:40
B4 See Here 3:05
B5 I'll Remember 3:00

Release Date: 1969

A1 Blister on the Moon 3:26
A2 Leaving Blues 4:16
A3 Sugar Mama 7:12
A4 Hail 2:37
A5 Born on the Wrong Side of Time 4:01
B1 Dual Carriageway Pain 3:13
B2 Same Old Story 3:33
B3 Catfish 8:04
B4 I'm Moving On 2:30

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