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Tangerine Dream Profile

Edgar Froese (guitar, bass, organ, Mellotron, generator, piano, broken glass, gong, VCS3, Moog, synthesizers, string ensemble, sequencers, electronics, computer, digital drums, drums, mouth organ, vocals, accordion)
Volker Hombach (sax, flute, viola, 1967-69)
Kurt Herkenberg (bass, 1967-69)
Lanse Hapshash (drums, 1967-69)
Charlie Prince (vocals, 1967-69)
Sven-Åke Johansson (drums, 1969)
Steve Jolliffe (vocals, flutes, horns, clarinet, clavinet, synthesizers, pianos, lyricon, 1969, 1977-78)
Klaus Schulze (drums, whip, metal rods, 1969-70, 1973)
Conrad Schnitzler (cello, violin, guitar, 1969-70)
Christopher Franke (percussion, lotos flute, piano harp, zither, VCS 3 synthesizer, cymbals, electronic percussion, sequencers, Mellotron, harpsichord, gong, piano,  1971-89)
Steve Schroyder (organ, vocals, 1971-72)
Peter Baumann (VCS3, organ, electric piano, vibes, 1972-77)
Michael Hoenig (keyboards, 1975)
Klaus Krüger (drums, percussion, 1977-78)
Johannes Schmoelling (keyboards, electronics, synthesizers, computer, sequencer, digital drums, 1979-85)
Paul Haslinger (keyboards, guitars, stick, drums , 1986-90)
Jerome Froese (guitar, keyboards, drums, percussion, 1989-present)
Linda Spa (saxophone, horns, keyboards, 1991-present)

Associated Acts:
The Ones
Agitation Free
Ash Ra Tempel
Curly Curve
Star Sounds Orchestra

Electronic Music
Ambient Music
Berlin School
New Age

Formed: In September 1967 in Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Debut Album: Electronic Meditation (1970)

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