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Stereo Total Quotes

Stereo Total Quotes

"I don't think, that technology is important. If they would have spent one year on one single song, they could have done every thing computers do these days with tape splicing in the fifites. Then there was this Weinberg-method, wich was basically a acoustic way to produce the typical moog sounds, which were of course electronic. So I think, it is only the idea that counts, not the technology, in which it is realized. But sometimes machines give you ideas. With Stereo Total we use more or less the same equipment in the last 14 years, since 3 years there is also a computer, but is only one tool among others."
Brezel Göring

"Sometimes my musical ideas sometimes do not inspire Françoise, so I release them on solo albums. Besides of this we have no restrictions of what is 'too normal' or 'too crazy', as long as it pleases us both."
Brezel Göring

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