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Sick Puppies Quotes

Sick Puppies Quotes

Before the band came over to the states…we came over about two years ago- we we’re saving up money for airplanes tickets and one of the jobs that I had was holding up this sandwich board that sold “2 for 1 Shoes.” I’d stand there for four hours every day. 
Shimon Moore

It’s funny because now at this point, once we started enjoying the fruits of our labor-not in terms of money but being signed, being with other great bands and having good experiences and instead of constantly struggling to get a CD released or make it to LA…Now we’re in the US and doing what we’ve been aiming for… a lot of people-my parents didn’t say it, but everyone else said, ‘when are you going to get a real job?’ and ‘when are you going to settle down?’….and especially in school. I did acting when I was younger and when the band started we did all the competitions-we did everything we could because we love it. People would say, “what do you think you’re going to be a big rock star or something?...Do you really think you’re going to make it?” I was like, yeah, fuck you. So we both believed that because we went through a long down time in-between records that everyone thought that we’d broken up. We hadn’t-we were just biding our time and being really calculated…making sure that we made the right moves to get to where we are now. Now, it’s not so much the case. In terms of the record as a whole? That’s why the record is the way it is and my parts where what they were because of my desire to say to people, “I can do it.” Now, I can really appreciate it because revenge is the best thing in the world because I’m loving it and it doesn’t bother me what they say anymore. I don’t care. I was doing it for me and not them. It was just my fuel for my fire.
Shimon Moore

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