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The Shadows Profile

Hank Marvin " Brian Robson Rankin" (lead guitar, piano, vocals, -1990, 2004-present)
Bruce Welch (rhythm guitar, vocals, -1968, 1970-present)
Terence "Jet" Harris (bass, vocals, -1962)
Daniel "Tony" Meehan (drums, -1961)
Brian Bennett (drums, 1961-68, 1974-94)
Brian "Liquorice" Locking (bass, 1962-63)
John Rostill (bass, 1963-1973)
John Farrar (second lead guitar, bass, vocals, 1974-?)
Alan Hawkshaw (piano, 1969, 1979-)
Alan Jones (bass)
Dave Lawson (synthesizer)
Peter Vince (engineer)

Associated Acts:
Cliff Richard
Welch & Farrar
Marvin & Farrar
Jet Harris & Tony Meehan

Also Called:
The Drifters

Instrumental Rock
Rock & Roll

Formed: In 1958 in London, England

Debut Album: The Shadows (1961)

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