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Roy Orbison Discography

Roy Orbison Discography

King of Hearts
Release Date: 1992

1 You're the One 3:01
2 Heartbreak Radio 2:58
3 We'll Take the Night 4:56
4 Crying 3:48
5 After the Love Has Gone 4:40
6 Love in Time 5:32
7 I Drove All Night 3:42
8 Wild Hearts 3:33
9 Coming Home 4:01
10 Careless Heart (Original Demo) 5:14

A Black and White Night Live
Release Date: October 23rd, 1989

A1 Only the Lonely 
A2 In Dreams 
A3 Dream Baby 
A4 Leah 
A5 Move on Down the Line 
A6 Crying 
A7 Mean Woman Blues 
A8 Running Scared 
B1 Blue Bayou 
B2 Candy Man 
B3 Uptown 
B4 Ooby Dooby 
B5 The Comedians 
B6 (All I Can Do Is) Dream You 
B7 It's Over 
B8 Oh Pretty Woman

Mystery Girl
Release Date: 1989

A1 You Got It 3:31
A2 In the Real World 3:44
A3 (All I Can Do Is) Dream You 3:39
A4 A Love So Beautiful 3:33
A5 California Blue 3:57
B1 She's a Mystery to Me 4:16
B2 The Comedians 3:26
B3 The Only One 3:55
B4 Windsurfer 4:02
B5 Careless Heart 4:09

Laminar Flow
Release Date: 1979

A1 Easy Way Out 3:28
A2 Love Is a Cold Wind 3:35
A3 Lay It Down 2:48
A4 I Care 3:08
A5 We're Into Something Good 2:58
A6 Movin' 3:26
B1 Poor Baby 2:52
B2 Warm Hot Spot 2:38
B3 Tears 3:48
B4 Friday Night 3:29
B5 Hound Dog Man 2:45

Release Date: 1977

A1 I'm a Southern Man 
A2 No Chain at All 
A3 Old Love Song 
A4 Can't Wait 
A5 Born to Love Me 
B1 Blues in My Mind 
B2 Something They Can't Take Away 
B3 Under Suspicion 
B4 I Don't Really Want You 
B5 Belinda

I'm Still in Love with You
Release Date: 1976

1. Pledging My Love
2. Rainbow Love
3. Heartache
4. Still
5. Circle
6. All I Need Is Time 
7. Spanish Nights
8. It's Lonely
9. Crying Time
10. Hung Up on You
11. Sweet Mamma Blue

The Big O
Release Date: 1970

1. Break My Mind
2. Help Me Rhonda
3. Only You
4. Down the Line
5. Money
6. When I Stop Dreaming 
7. Loving Touch
8. Land of 1,000 Dances
9. Scarlet Ribbons
10. She Won't Hang Her Love Out (On the Line)
11. Casting My Spell
12. Penny Arcade

The Many Moods of Roy Orbison
Release Date: 1969

1. Truly, Truly, True
2. Unchained Melody
3. I Recommend Her
4. More
5. Heartache
6. Amy 
7. Good Morning Dear
8. What Now My Love
9. Walk On
10. Yesterday's Child
11. Try to Remember

In Dreams 
Release Date: 1963

1. In Dreams
2. Lonely Wine
3. Shahdaroba
4. No One Will Ever Know
5. Sunset
6. House Without Windows 
7. Dream
8. Blue Bayou
9. (They Call You) Gigolette
10. All I Have to Do Is Dream
11. Beautiful Dreamer
12. My Prayer

Release Date: 1962

1. Crying
2. The Great Pretender
3. Love Hurts
4. She Wears My Ring
5. Wedding Day
6. Summer Song 
7. Dance
8. Lana
9. Loneliness
10. Let's Make a Memory
11. Nite Life
12. Running Scared

At the Rock House
Release Date: 1961

1. This Kind of Love
2. Devil Doll
3. You're My Baby
4. Trying to Get to You
5. It's Too Late
6. Rock House 
7. You're Gonna Cry
8. I Never Knew
9. Sweet and Easy to Love
10. Mean Little Mama
11. Ooby Dooby
12. Problem Child

Roy Orbison Sings Lonely and Blue
Release Date: 1960

A1 This Kind of Love 
A2 Devil Doll 
A3 You're Me Baby 
A4 Rock House 
A5 You're Gonna Cry 
B1 I Never Knew 
B2 Sweet and Easy to Love 
B3 Mean Little Mama 
B4 Ooby Dooby 
B5 Problem Child

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