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Roger Chapman Quotes

Roger Chapman Quotes

As regards the ideas for the actual material, when I stared thinking about the album I was listening to a lot of new stuff and I suppose I was drawn to these kind of projects that went back to a rootsy feel. I was listening to Dylan's 'Modern Times' for example, and I thought if he can approach his album like that so can I. So in many he was an inspiration, but he always was! I liked the feel of his approach, but it's a big change in the way a lot of us had worked before. Often you'd record bits and pieces and drop them in, but yeah I suppose Dylan gave me the confidence to try the same sort of approach.
Roger Chapman

Well I wanted to make some 'hand made' music, with a real band, playing live in the studio, with a return to the emphasis on the voice and creating a situation in which the musicians brought their own skills to bear on the songs. It turned out to be a really enjoyable process'
'One More Time For Peace' finds the former 'Wild Man of Rock' and scourge of tambourines, musically stripped down to the bone with a very roots blend of country, blues, r&b, blues, gospel, swing, folk - yes folk - and lest we forget it rock! Die-hard Chappo fans will probably be less surprised than the more casual listener as aside from 'Rollin & Tumblin' there was also the retrospectively released, 'The Loft Tapes, Volume 3' which was an unplugged record company presentation recorded at Dingwalls.
Roger Chapman

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