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Robert Forster Quotes

Robert Forster Quotes

During the year after Jackie Brown, I got a lot of offers for a lot of stuff and some of it actually paid and some of it didnít. We tried to slot in everything we could, because you know what? I figured I donít know how long this warm streak will last so I might as well slug it out as frequently as possible. During that year, or about the year after, I ran into Jim Carrey, who asked me to do a part in Me, Myself and Irene. While I was doing the picture, I had heard from these guys at Diamond Men a couple of times. They couldnít quite find a break in my schedule to put it in and they said how about now.
Robert Forster

In the old days, there were two kinds of actors, maybe more. They were the kind of actors that you liked them for who they were and they were themselves in each movie. Iím thinking of Gary Cooper, Jimmy Stweart, and Gregory Peck. There was a quality of the human being that really filled the role. Then there are actors that take roles that are very, very different from themselves. Thatís another way to be an actor. I always remind young actors that if they want to be a star in this business, likely they have got to bring something to the screen that the audience admires in them and thatís still true. 
Robert Forster

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