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Rita Lee Quotes

Rita Lee Quotes

Os Mutantes were a bunch of politically alienated teenagers. At the time we met Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso, all we wanted was to have fun with music no matter how heavy the Brazilian dictatorship was... Mutantes were in tune with the world music, the new instrumental sound that was erupting through the Beatles, Hendrix, Stones.
Rita Lee

I’m 50 years old, I must be one of the oldest female rockers/ composers in the world and still performing! All I remember about my childhood is that São Paulo was a very nice and pleasant place to live.
Rita Lee

They attended a traditional school in São Paulo, Caetano de Campos. At the beginning the Wooden Faces were Claudio Cesar, the drummer (the eldest Baptista brother, the genius behind the instrument factory), Arnaldo the bass player and Rafael the guitar player. 
Rita Lee

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