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Richard Thompson Quotes

Richard Thompson Quotes

Creativelyówhen you set out to write songsóyou write fiction. Now, that writing reflects your own life to some extent. It varies, but your own experience goes into the songs. In writing songs, you ought to pull things into a sharper focus, so you draw characters who are larger than life, and you write about experiences that perhaps most people donít have from day to day. People are not really interested in the story of a soccer dad, necessarily. Unless itís the story of a soccer dad who canít take any more and shoots his family. Thereís a ballad. Thereís your contemporary "Tom Dooley." People want to hear about the extremes of human nature. They want things that are larger than their own lives, and more romantic, and not necessarily of their own experiences. People want to hear stories that are a bit more of an escape, and I want to write stories that are a bit more of an escape. To write about my own life seems mundane. To twist the stories of your own life or to write fiction without any real intention other than to entertain yourself seems far more interesting.
Richard Thompson

Sitting around home I mostly play acoustic. Iíve got seven or eight guitars of various sorts, including a baritone. Sometimes at home, because a guitar is just lying around, thatís the guitar I pick up rather than actually choosing something. I try to plan ahead for my laziness by leaving interesting things scattered about. If I leave a baritone guitar lying around, thatís the one Iíll pick up, and Iíll start writing baritoney things.
Richard Thompson

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