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Richard Buckner Quotes

Richard Buckner Quotes

“I don’t like sports, but I was in Vegas and I wanted to see a boxing match and it was a hoot. I went to a mall and got a Fila terrycloth jogging suit, me and this guy we got special Vegas suits for the boxing match. I’d never seen a guy get dropped, I saw a couple of knockouts, and it was amazing. I was watching it going like, “Oh fuck, he got knocked out!”
Richard Buckner

“I made ‘Bloomed’ in four days,” 
“That wasn’t me getting involved too much in the recording, that was me going down, having [producer] Lloyd Maines organise it and do all the work.”
Richard Buckner

I know, had a horrible MCA experience. And the usual thing happened, they promised me world distribution, that way we can do Europe right, which was important to me, I really wanted to get outside of the United States. And they just didn’t release it over here. They said they did but they really didn’t.
Richard Buckner

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