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Richard Bone Quotes

Richard Bone Quotes

I was reading an obscure poem somewhere and came across the phrase. I had already recorded one or two pieces for an, as yet, untitled work. I knew they had a slightly foreboding feel to them, so when I saw the phrase it just all came together. The rest of the disc was finished in about a week after that. I read the book, Folklore & The Sea, for additional inspiration and then researched the names of actual lost, ghost ships which became the track titles.
Richard Bone (about The Spectral Ships)

My study of kabbalah as well as other personal disciplines are simply the result of a thirst for knowledge. In the past I have felt that my life, and composition, were being guided. That somehow ideas were flowing from a greater "well." These studies have begun to allow me to consciously tap into this vast collective. Really, it's just advice, guidance and inspiration that's available to all of us all the time. It is just that only recently has humankind started to become aware of it, as traditional religions begin to fall away having served their great purpose. So, in fact, I have no idea where this will lead me musically but I am looking forward to the journey.
Richard Bone

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