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Reynols Quotes

Reynols Quotes

To explain Miguel's way of thinking, he once drew a square with two circles and a small rectangle inside it and when we asked him what it was, he said: "A city, with two trees and an apartment, and cars." "Where are the cars?" we asked, and he said, "They were there.." For a "normal" person it looks like a face.
Robeto Conlazo

We teach music in Argentina, mostly for special people, people with disabilities. It's a kind of music therapy, but we treat them as artists. We have a connection with them that is beyond language. So from that point of view we have Downs too and we've found a point where it's a pleasure, an honour to be Downs. We're all crazy and we're all insane and we are also quite sane. At the same time.
Anla Courtis

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