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Rebecca St. James Quotes

Rebecca St. James Quotes

"For a long time I thought—'I've got to buck up and be strong. I've got to put on a brave face—and get through this near burn-out or that discouraging time in my life,'"
"God has really seriously changed my thinking on this. When you take off the mask, you relate at a base level to everyone else who has been through pain—and everyone has. Honesty promotes intimacy and promotes us together relying on God. True honesty is beautiful."
Rebecca St. James

"I'm very involved on a lot of levels in making of this album," 
"I wrote on 11 of the 12 tracks which is, creatively, really important to me. I want to be singing my music passionately and when I'm writing from a place where God has been teaching me something new—when I write from that place—it comes across when I'm singing. That's vital to the message and the reality of God that I want to impart with my music."
Rebecca St. James

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