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Ray Bryant Quotes

Ray Bryant Quotes

I’ve recorded with almost everybody at one time or another. My first recording in 1954 was with Betty Carter; it was also her first recording. Ike Isaacs was on bass, and Specs Wright was on drums. John Levy became Betty’s manager. He used to manage Joe Williams, Nancy Wilson and George Shearing. At the same time, he was managing Betty Carter and me. Neither one of us had released a recording yet. John got the idea to make a joint album. I saw John last year at a jazz party in Arizona, as a matter of fact.
Ray Bryant

She played organ and piano, and she was my first teacher, I guess. She recognized that I had some talent, and she took me to the neighborhood piano teacher when I was six.
Ray Bryant (about his mom)

I never went to Europe until 1972. I got a call one day to go to the Montreux Festival in Switzerland. Oscar Peterson had been scheduled to appear, but for some reason he couldn’t make it. The promoters were looking for someone to play solo piano. My name came up, and I got the call.
Ray Bryant

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