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Rascal Flatts Quotes

"We've been living with that song (Feels Like Today) for over two years. It's got a different feel and a different message, a way of presenting today as the day to get over that struggle in your life. It's a positive spiritual song, and being passionate about music and spirituality, we always tend to gravitate toward songs like that. It's one of those that hit us right between the eyes.?

“We are thrilled to have Rascal Flatts, currently the hottest group in country music, associated with our efforts to educate the public as to the special needs of our men and women in uniform, and their generosity in wearing the bands at their appearances and concerts has done a great deal to help us bring our message to their fans and friends about how to support our armed forces. In addition, their kindness in bringing a large number of bands along with them to distribute to the troops in the Persian Gulf is just another example of their enthusiastic support. Rascal Flatts is definitely a band for freedom.?

“To get all the country music artists in one place at one time [means] you also can get autographs and pictures if you want. It's awesome, because all the artists and all the fans are right there together, which never happens otherwise during the year,?

"Fan Fair is just the most amazing thing,?

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