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Raghav Quotes

Raghav Quotes

I used them to my advantage. For every 8 notes on the western scale we have 64 indian notes. When I started singing music it was Hindi music and so some of those notes naturally came to me when I was younger.

No one in my family is musical, in the sense that they perform or anything, but music it always was a very important part of our household. It was played all the time so I was encouraged to listen to music and eventually it translated into wanting to perform it. And in Indian culture, especially in my family, everyone knew all the songs and films, they were very clued up on the indian side. From a very early age I had access to all that information.

We had a tape deck in our Ford Granada back in the early 80s and all our family was over from India. Everyone could do something, and this was when I was 5, and there was a song from an Indian film by an actor called David Ardu. This song got stuck in our tape deck and kept playing over and over and over again. With our family it was like "What can Raghav do? Can he do anything?". My mum's like "He's only 5. He doesn't really do anything". So I took deep offence to that and started singing the song from beginning to end...and that was kind of the first song that made me think i'm gonna stick with this.

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