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Quickspace Quotes

Quickspace Quotes

It wasn’t really supposed to be included all the time anyway. In my experience bands always have their names shortened, but obviously when you go overboard and do something like "Quickspace Supersport" everyone takes great care to do the whole thing, so we had to shave it off ourselves. Also it was a timely manoeuvre because half the band left, and we couldn’t think of another...thing (suffix!) to put on the end. I was thinking "Quickspace Direct Debit" would be quite good.
Tom Cullinan

You soon realise that endless touring is not a lifestyle – well, it is a lifestyle – but it’s not really one that you should want and be healthy of mind. 
Tom Cullinan

Question Mark and the Mysterians Quotes

Naturally, it has a long history. It was written even before I was in the group. I had these sounds coming into my head and I wanted to learn how to play the piano. So, I went to this old man, around fifty years old, and I sang him this tune, because I wanted to learn how to do this music. That's when I first sang "96 Tears". Years went by and we formed a group in 1962. We started jamming and were together for four years. The drummer went into the service and then the guitar player went into the service. So, I had to find a drummer and a bass player right away to fill in, and capture the sound we had, this tightness we had in four years. They couldn't do it. It sounded terrible. I was strictly into originality. No harmonies like The Beatles. I didn't want to have that kind of sound. Well, the thing is, Little Frank (Lugo) came up with the riff. I was told it was going to be a million seller. So, everything was already planned out. It just had to be brought back to the surface again. 
Rudy "?" Martinez

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