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Prism Profile

Ron Tabak (vocals, 1975-80)
Lindsay Mitchell (guitar)
Tom Lavin (guitar, 1975-78)
John Hall (keyboards, vocals)
Abe Bryant (bass, 1975-78)
Bruce Fairbairn (horns, 1975)
Tom Keenlyside (horns, 1975)
Rodney Higgs [Jim Valance] (drums, keyboards 1975-77)
Allen Harlow (guitar, bass, 1978-82)
Rocket Norton (drums, 1978-82)
Henry Small (vocals, 1980-84)

Member of:
Powder Blues

Also Called:
Seeds of Time
Under Construction
Stanley Screamer

Hard Rock
Melodic Rock

Formed: In 1975 in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Debut Album: Prism (1977)

Did You Know:
The group disbanded in 1983 in Canada

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