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The Pretty Things Profile

Dick Taylor (lead guitar, 1963-69, 1979-present)
Phil May (vocals, harmonica, acoustic guitar)
John Stax (bass, 1963-67)
Brian Pendleton (rhythm guitar, 1963-66)
Viv Prince (drums, 1963-65)
Viv Andrews (drums, 1965)
Skip Alan (drums, 1965-67, 1968-present)
Wally Allen "Alan Waller" (bass, acoustic guitar, vocals, 1967-71, 1998-present)
John Povey (keyboards, vocals, 1967-76, 1998-present)
John "Twink" Alder (drums, vocals, 1968)
Victor Unitt (guitar, vocals, 1969-70)
Peter Tolson (guitar, vocals, 1970-77)
Stuart Brooks (1971-73)
Gordon Edwards (1973-77)
Jack Green (bass, vocals, 1976-77)
Frank Holland (guitar)
John Shaw (guitar)
Dave Wintour (bass)
Roelf Ter Veld (bass)
Steffi Stephan (bass)
Dave Wilki (keyboards)
John Clarke (Drums)
Bertram Engel ( drums)
Kevin Flanagan (saxophone)

Associated Acts:
The Rolling Stones

Also Called:
The Electric Banana

British Invasion
Blues Rock

Formed: In September 1963 in London, England

Debut Album: The Pretty Things (1965) 

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