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Plus 44 Quotes

Plus 44 Quotes

"It's kind of flattering that some kids would go out there and post songs under our name,"
Travis Barker

"This is the first interview we've done about the band. We didn't want to talk about the record until it was nearly finished. We had an idea about what it was going to be, and it changed, but now we can finally talk about it,"
Mark Hoppus

"We started Plus-44 more than a year ago, writing songs in Travis' basement and my living room, and in that time we've changed some things, we've tried stuff and pulled and pushed songs,"
Mark Hoppus

"At first, we had the idea that it would have a lot of electronic influences, because by necessity we were recording on a computer. But then we bought this studio, and after we moved the band into here, the whole vibe changed,"
Mark Hoppus

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