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Petey Pablo Quotes

Petey Pablo Quotes

“That bullet is a tribal mark, orientation, something we all gotta get sometimes -- just as long as we don't die, it's fine.”

I grew up Greenville. And I moved to Raleigh some years later.

The only struggle came from me wanting more for my family and feeling like if they had one less individual to take care of — if my mom only had her and my sister and my grandmother and my aunt to take care of, couldn’t she do the things she was doing for me for herself? That’s the reason I took myself away from my family. I left home when I was 13 years old to assume the responsibilities of being a man.

My goal in this music business is to be here as long as I’m alive. I want my music to be here. I want to be the Michael Jackson and the Prince of hip-hop. I want to be a legend. I want to change the world. I want to give them songs that mean something.

So when he gave it to me, I thought he was testin’ me to see if I was worthy of a Timbaland track. And I respected that. So he gave me the track and nobody expected me to do a ‘Raise Up’ to that track. I wrote it after he had gave it to me.

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